Real People’s Stories, in Film

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Watching a Rough Cut

We love showing a rough cut to our clients. After imagining what the film would look like this is when the final project begins to surface. It is a strangely emotional moment, filled with anticipation, and a slight apprehension. But it is always, always, a hugely rewarding, constructive and often a moving experience.

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What is a Moving Business Card?

Moving Business Cards (MBC) enable individuals, companies and organisations to tell their story. We help our clients communicate their professional brand and messages through a story that integrates their true character.

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Real, Honest and Loyal (walk into a bar….)

The thing that keeps us going at Present Films is the connection we build and maintain with our clients. We

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A present beginning

It’s always great to get positive feedback. When clients first get in touch 9 out of 10 compliment us on

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