Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage films celebrate or mark a special occasion in one’s life. Whether it is a 40th birthday, a present for an 80 year old grandparent, a bar mitzvah, communion, or any other occasion, these films capture a slice of life, of a significant moment. Rites of Passage films are shot in one location or many, and can be scripted and acted, or they can be documentaries. Rites of passage films can be made as a gift to someone, and we often make them without the main character knowing — until they are shared, of course.

Filming time depends on locations and story. Please feel free to contact us with your idea so that we can discuss it with you and give you a more accurate idea of time and commitment.

This is a taster of Rites of Passage films which are usually password protected as they tend to be… private!

Music by: Roi Erez