Moving Portraits

A Moving Portrait is a short film in which a person’s personality and character come to life. Unlike a still portrait, we create a detailed image of someone through a story they tell – that good joke no one tells better, the childhood trip to Norway, the strongest memory from grandpa. Or we show something characteristic they do: those amazing cookies only they can make; that fancy hairstyle which is so out of fashion; or whichever moment in life our clients want to cherish forever.

Filming a Moving Portrait can take any time from half a day to quite a few days, depending on what it is and where it is we are filming. Feel free to contact us with your idea for a more accurate assessment of time and commitment.

Helen is a 75-year-old who loves to dance. After the death of her beloved husband Helen met Bill, a self-proclaimed master of jive from Barbados. Together they have been dazzling the London tea-dancing scene.