Personal Biographies

Personal Biographies are in-depth productions into the lives and stories of people. Made for people to cherish and share with family and friends, Personal Biographies enable clients to capture their histories and stories for posterity. Storytellers are guided and accompanied through every stage of the process by our filmmakers in a creative, engaging, and fun way. So, what can be a lonely experience of writing a biography in solitude, turns into a storytelling adventure with a creative team.

The films are usually multi-faceted and can involve filming people in various locations and capacities in order to create a filmed biography or history. But they can be filmed in a single room just chatting on a sofa. Please feel free to contact us with your idea so that we can discuss it with you and give you a more accurate idea of time and commitment.

Three minute trailer of a documentary illuminating the work and life of world-renowned violist Tabea Zimmermann.