Real, Honest and Loyal (walk into a bar....)

The thing that keeps us going at Present Films is the connection we build and maintain with our clients. We see our customers as our collaborators and it is totally clear to us that we couldn’t have made films without them. It is their stories we are telling, and their audiences we are reaching out for.

Many people get intimidated by the very idea of being filmed. Speaking in front of a camera is just not obvious for some, and downright frightening for others. We aim to keep our productions small and intimate precisely for this reason. We want people to feel safe and comfortable in our presence so that the film reflects who they really are and not the nervous wreck version of themselves.

In fact, honesty and loyalty are two very important words for us. We want to represent our collaborators’ stories with honesty and loyalty so that their films serve the purposes for which they were made, whether personal or professional.

In order for people to feel themselves in front of a camera, they have to feel themselves in front of us. And we do this by establishing a true and meaningful connection through a truly creative collaboration and teamwork, which often goes way beyond the scope of the production.

Increasingly these days, people’s online profile is the first thing acquaintances or colleagues might encounter, and as such, we aim to show real, honest images to reflect real and honest people.

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