A present beginning

It’s always great to get positive feedback. When clients first get in touch 9 out of 10 compliment us on the name of our company. And then they ask how Present Films was conceived.  So I’m really happy to share our story….

Soon after graduating from the London Film School I gave birth to two amazing daughters. As anyone can tell you, motherhood is a rather consuming occupation unto itself, but because I crave the work and creation of films, I squeezed in projects whenever they came my way.  Gradually I had a steady trickle of amazing stories heading in my direction, asking to be turned into films: special family events or milestones, short architectural documentaries, and even a film showing the installation of a deck! The trickle turned to a stream of projects for individuals, businesses and organisations. And so when the timing felt right I decided to formalize my filmmaking business by starting my own company. My vision was to bring together a talented group of filmmakers and editors to offer a service dedicated to telling ordinary yet extraordinary stories. I just want to make films and tell stories. And everyone has a story.

The story of the name Present Films is threefold:




       1.    a thing given to someone as a gift.


Many of the films we make are presents for special occasions. More often than not, the lucky recipients are not aware of the making of their film until they see it for the first time. Other times they take a starring role!





  1.   (of a person) in a particular place.

The films we make are present and remain so for generations even when they show something which is not present anymore. This is particularly important in our biographies. Family stories and histories are captured for generations. But more importantly than that, the sound people’s voice, their image, movement and quirky habits which make us who we are, are recorded. Although making a biography may feel a larger financial investment, when people are no longer there, those films are priceless.

  1. existing or occurring now.

The films we make capture a slice of time. A current ‘present’ which is extended even when present turns to past. And so with slight irony our clients have a present film, which makes the past present whenever they see it.


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