What is a Moving Business Card?

Our Moving Business Cards (MBC) enable individuals, companies and organisations to tell their story.  We help our clients communicate their professional brand and messages through a story that integrates their true character. Moving Business cards do not create an ‘image’ or perception, but rather, they reveal the existing and genuine heart and soul of a brand.  Moving Business Cards help our clients create a true and honest connection with their own client base, potential colleagues, or partners.

For individuals, we sometimes refer to these films as a Moving CVs. While a written CV can offer a lot of information about a person, it doesn’t convey the character, the charisma, and personality of a person as well as a film. Colleagues and partners get to hear the individual’s voice, see how they carry themselves and experience their unique personality. People can be filmed alone or interacting with others. IN addition, filmed testimonials offer additional credibility and validity.

Companies often want to show what they do and the process of how they do things. A client once said that after she made a film about her work, her own husband said “Now I know what you do!” It helps our clients’ customers know more about what their getting into when they engage, how things are going to work. They know what to expect and it reassures them.

The effect of these films is often staggering, as people are 60% more likely to watch a video before reading any text on a webpage. Research shows that video search results now have around a 40% higher click through rate over plain text search results.

In addition, the process of making a Moving Business Card makes our clients refine their offering. Working towards a clear communication of their story on film often means that whole teams get to contribute and fine tune not only their message, but their work processes too. It provides a way for a company to see itself from the point of view of their customers or users and therefore has a huge impact on their work.

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