Watching a Rough Cut

We love showing a rough cut to our clients. After imagining what the film would look like this is when the final project begins to surface. It is a strangely emotional moment, filled with anticipation, and a slight apprehension. But it is always, always, a hugely rewarding, constructive and often a moving experience.

One of our clients, Orit, wrote a poem to describe the feeling after watching the rough cut of a film we made together for her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah:

The rough cut didn’t feel that rough

Sitting in anticipation for it to begin

It did.

The rough cut for my eldest daughter started

With my second daughter.

This may not mean much to a stranger

But for us, this sensitive decision of Ruth

Was the essence of her work.

We were now in a different mood, watching it

Relaxed, touched and most of all

We had a feeling of achievement.

The rough cut didn’t feel that rough.

It was the real thing.

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