The Process

Diagram of Process


Every film is thoroughly researched with our clients to establish the arc of the story, their goals for the film, who the audience will be, and in what context it will be shown. We then shape the narrative, and the structure of the film is defined. Discussion elements include whether we will create and work with a script, whether there is existing footage or photographs to be included, what and where we would be filming to best portray the characters and the story, and the length of film that would best serve the goals of the story.

From this basis we arrange relevant locations, whether a kitchen in Islington or an estate in Romania, determine required equipment, acquire any needed permits, agree filming schedule, and agree budget.


During filming, our filmmakers will immerse in the interviewing process, helping the storyteller to bring their story to life. All our filmmakers are specialists at enabling stories both verbally and visually in a fun and sensitive way. This is probably the most stimulating and exciting part of the process for our storytelling clients, where they are creatively engaged and led by professionals.

Post Production

Editing stage begins where the story is put together according to initial planning but with flexibility. That is because we love incorporating spontaneous, unplanned interactions and moments which enhance our stories. And we find that these usually happen when you have good rapport and when creative minds work together. After the film is edited, we add music, or titles, or any other post production element which may be relevant to the specific project. The film is then viewed by the client and any comments will then be discussed and implemented.


After the creative and technical work is complete, you will receive a password protected link to view the film online or to embed wherever you may want.  Simultaneously, we pop a personalised USB of your film in the post. We’d be happy to have a chat about the various usages you may intend for your film, and adapt the formats to your needs.


Every film project is priced individually according to the requirements of your production and with the aim of helping you tell your story creatively, in a unique and cost-effective way. Secure payment can be made online, here. Pricing varies, based on a combination of factors, not limited to, but including:

  1. Days: Our standard day rate varies depending on production requirements and starts at £400 per day. We will provide you with an estimate as to how many days will be spent in each of the above phases. As a rough guide, we would estimate that every day of filming will require two to three days of editing.  This may vary depending on number of filming days, and the requirements of each specific projects.
  2. Equipment: We use the latest digital video, audio and editing technologies for which a competitive rate is charged per day. Hire of additional kit will vary, depending on the requirements of the project, such as number of cameras, number and types of microphones, lighting, cranes, dollies, etc. and use of our editing facilities. Please contact us for further details.
  3. People: Some projects will require a single filmmaker, who simultaneously operates the camera and records sound. Other projects may require a team. The complexity of the shoot will, therefore, impact on the number of professionals who will need to get involved.
  4. Music and sound: Most of our films involve music, which is either composed especially for the film, or licensed. As you would imagine, music licensing prices vary enormously. A general guide would be to budget £50-£100 for a short track, and a base of £500 for a composed track. Use of a voice-over artists may incur an additional cost.

We are aware that creating films can be a significant investment. We always work with our clients to find the best way of reducing costs, while retaining the highest quality. In fact, our ethos is to make filmmaking accessible to a variety of people and you will find our prices to be very competitive.  Some of our projects involve no more than half a day of filming and a day of editing. Other projects involve many days of filming and editing, resulting in high-value productions at broadcast quality.  It just depends! So, please contact us to discuss your film idea and how we can best help you tell your story.