Frequently asked questions

The films we make aim to tell your story in the best way possible. While planning the film with you at the initial stages we will discuss what is the best duration depending on where and how you are planning to share the film. The very final duration is only decided when the film is edited and all element have been incorporated and both you and us feel that the story works.

Yes, you can tag your film wherever you post it as you would with any other post you make. If you embed the film from our pages we can then tag it for you.

We understand that plans change at times, and want to make this process as accessible and stress free as possible. The initial payment upon commission is non-refundable. If cancelling after filming has started, fees for time worked, and expenses incurred must be paid in full, plus 50% of the remaining cost as per original quote.  

Using your film commercially is possible, but the intention to do so must be declared at the initial consultation as it can affect the agreements and costs. The film cannot be used commercially without our prior agreement and consent.

We aim to licence music in perpetuity for all territories. However, this can depend on which track you would like to use as it can affect the type of licence we can get. We will be happy to discuss this with you in the initial consultation.

You may have heard the saying “a movie is never finished, only abandoned.” (George Lucas, quoting several others before him.)

The actual editing process is really done by us at Present Films. However, it is done with careful consideration of the aims we have set out for ourselves with you. As we see our clients as collaborators we always have your aims and create ambitions at heart. In fact, we have never had a disagreement with a client about the editing process. We believe that this is because our clients are so involved in the whole process that they are never surprised.

In practical terms, we usually offer one viewing and a following opportunity for comments and notes before the final version is put together. After the final version is delivered any additional changes will be considered as extra editing time.

You certainly do not have to use any photos, but you can if you want to. We prefer to shoot our films as we can then follow the brief you give us with the utmost attention to detail and control. Sometimes clients do want to incorporate archive footage or still images in their finished film. We are happy to do this, if we both deem it relevant and conducive to your story, and overall pace and feel of your film. But this is by no means a requirement.

You can upload images or movies to file sharing services such as wetransfer or google drive. From there we can download them once yous share the link with us, or indeed you can download them to another device.

The higher the quality the better. As we use latest HD technology we need high resolution images so they support the overall look and feel of your film. In HD the picture and canvas are 1920 x 1080 pixels at 72 dpi.

Not usually. The raw footage stays with us and any further changes, additional cuts, even at a later date, must be done through us. We can discuss this more when we plan your project. 

We usually hold the rights to the films we make and footage we capture to make them. However you are allowed to use the film as we agree in your initial contact. And we are open to discuss any other options.

Yes, of course. In fact we encourage this. A film is probably the best way to promote what you do, how you do it, and your values. We totally see it as part of your outreach to potential clients and thing it is paramount to include your logo on it. Indeed, we also include ours. 

Your final film will usually come as a .mov or mp4 files. We can also arrange for DVD and Blu-Rays to be duplicated with your master file.  We are happy to discuss this with you and suit your needs.

Yes, of course. We usually record any voice over or narration during filming or we can arrange to record it separately. We discuss this in detail in the planning stages of each film.

That depends on what format your story is, and whether you have the rights to use that story, audio or video in your film. Feel free to discuss this with us.

B roll is additional footage we capture to help you tell your story. It is often intercut with the main shot. For example, if we hear of someone telling a story about the old house they used to live in, we can then intercut the shot of them talking, with actual footage of the house itself, as the person is still talking in the background.

A brief recorded statement (as by a public figure) broadcast especially on a television news program; also a brief catchy comment or saying. 

You can post your film anywhere online: on your website, movie sharing platform such as YouTube or Vimeo, you can post it on Social Media.

Any content that you have the right to use whether filmed or still, can be incorporated into your film as long as it supports the story you want to tell. We will work this out with you. Any material supplied to us has to be digital in .mov or .mp4 formats.

The schedule of the work will be discussed with you in early on to fit your needs. We always deliver work on time to be ready for your event, party, conference or just when you need it as long as you tell us in advance. We work very transparently and keep you in the loop with progress reports.

Your film will be saved on our drives and will be uploaded to a movie sharing platform such as vimeo, YouTube or both. From there you will be able to download the file to your own computer. We will also give you a copy of your film file on a personal Present Films USB stick – a present from us!

Yes. We are happy to include any footage you shot which helps you tell your story.