Crowdfund your project

We love making film accessible for a range of people who wouldn’t naturally think of using this medium to tell their stories. At the same time we understand that while achievable, making a film can seem like an investment.

You can now crowdfund your film.

Imagine having that Moving Business Card which can really lift your marketing, and make you so much more visible online.

Imagine having a film about a family member when they are no longer around.

My grandfather wrote an autobiography before he passed away which the family had printed for us to cherish forever. And that made me think how amazing it would have been to have him in a film, telling us his story with his own voice, with his own style and body language. How incredible it would have been to show my daughter the source of her blue eyes. I was too late.

Present Films now offers the technology to crowdfund your film project and make sure that you get that story out there, accessible to your crowd, on film.

How does it work?

Once we have discussed your aims, story ambitions, scope of your production and figured out a budget, you create a page within the Present Films website. To this page you can upload a photo and share with whoever you want to, through whichever platform you choose. People then have access to your page, can upload photos (remember that birthday in Greece?) add comments and share stories which can then all feed into your film. On your page, they can also contribute to the cost of your project. You can see what it looks like in our example crowdfunding project.