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Present Films now offers the option to give gift certificates. We often have people say to us “I know someone who could really use this” – so here is your opportunity to share the gift and help them tell their stories through film!

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Give someone the gift of film. Gift certificates are available for our training courses at £45, as well as for film projects. Gift certificates for tailor made films are in denominations of £1,000. If this feels slightly out range, perhaps consider crowdfunding your project as a surprise. We can create a custom gift certificate to match the uniqueness of your gift.

Examples of gift certificates for film projects include:

Moving Business Card Gift Certificate

If you know someone who is working on their new website, an exciting project, or just trying to get their message out there, a Moving Business Card can be just the gift. While the impact of video on websites is well researched and proven, some may still need to be given that amazing opportunity to shine their light on film.

Making a simple, straightforward Moving Business Card can take 2 days and costs approximately £1000. Giving someone a Moving Business Card takes them through a wondrous creative journey at the end of which they will have a film on their website, with their illuminating presence, and their all-important message. And they will have the knowledge that they have some true friends who believe in their message.

New Baby Introduction Gift Certificate

The perfect baby shower gift.

For someone who is having a new baby there is no better way to share it than a New Baby Introduction film. Showing their new addition to the world, on film, being lovingly received by the family, has an impact like no other. A New Baby Introduction captures a moment in time, in moving image, which can be cherished for generations and shared instantly online.

Starting at £1000 you can give the most original, precious and priceless gift to a family and a new baby.

Gift certificates can also be crowdfunded. Learn more here.